‚The Fludes – Ancient Tales‘ album and story book featuring great pictures of Spear RT Hologram S

‚The Fludes – Ancient Tales‘ album and story book featuring great pictures of Spear RT Hologram S

Hi Matthias,

Just like to say once again thank you for all your support!

‚The Fludes – Ancient Tales‘ album & accompanying story book featuring great pictures of your Spear RT Hologram S is now available for




Please find attached a sample picture & just a few reviews of the new guitar from our fans (Just from extracts!)

  • Steve Inglis says at 0:13: guitar…sensational!
  • Jupiter’s Eye says at 0:34: Really nice… and that guitar!
  • Steve Inglis says at 0:41: STUNNING GUITAR…the best I have heard.
  • Wendymoonshine says at 0:17: Sounds fantastic!
  • Derek „da boi“ Damico says at 0:29: Supernatural…
  • Musixunny says at 3:15: There’s no compliment on this planet that can be used to describe this creation!!
  • Son of Axe says at 4:02: Absolutely blown away, love the guitar so much, Great one!!!
  • Debbie Moore 1 says at 0:49: ……perfect tone and really cool guitar 🙂 Deb xxx
  •  Marilyn Mac (29 days ago): „She’s Your Woman“…….Passionate and serious guitar virtuosity – looking forward to hearing it in its entirety when your new album is released!
  • The Altoonas (29 days ago):  ….. Imaginative, powerful..awesome guitar!!!
  • The Magneto Flobe (about 1 month ago):  „she’s your woman“ is epic… the enchanter, omg… playing his lil heiny off…. long live the fludes… your huge fan, and humble student!
  • Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements (O.R.M.E.) (about 1 month ago): …..Back for more enchanting quality. ?
  • Wow and Flutter (about 1 month ago):  ….Wonderful sounds.
  • Rob Epler (about 1 month ago):  Love your sound & style. The enchanter: Amazing!!
  • Wendymoonshine (about 1 month ago): ….Watching the video for Burn Witch Burn. Superb guitar and theatrical good humour.Absolutely tailor made for a Disney/Dreamworks medieval feature!……..
  • SpEnt fiXer (about 1 month ago):  …..Awesome and Epic, every cut! What incredible musical vision . . . The Enchanter!
  • kenny heroux (2 months ago): Rolling Fields is outstanding. Wonderful musical composition and movements. Excellent guitar riffs and the stunning vocals that can only be the Fludes.

Many Thanks Spear!

The Enchanter


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