Sonstige – Giuseppe Lofrano

Sonstige – Giuseppe Lofrano

Hi, i have built an electric guitar with my uncle using a walnut tree that my grandfather planted many years ago and i would like to build other similar guitars with your help. Then with the rest of the wood i started to build another model; i also have a third model but only on paper. I\’m looking for a factory of electric guitars willing to put my models in the production process. Thank you very much for the attention and sorry for my bad english.
Giuseppe Lofrano

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  1. I mean at least you tried it. And if this is your dream guitar – taste is different ! It would not be my choice but it is unique and I guess that you are proud of what you have made and this is the most important ! Have fun with your guitar !!

  2. Sorry, the Style ist ugly, the PUs don´t sit on the right place! The whole guitar looks like made from old, cheap wood.

    Hard words, but I think you have to learn a lot!

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