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Bass Style I – Onno Gatersleben

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Dear ML team,

I hereby subscribe for the gitarrenbau contest 2015.
I have read that you can also join the competition for bass-bausatze.

End of 2014 I bought the E-bass Bausatz Style 1. I had bought some diy kits before at ML-factory, and since my experience was that the quality was consistently good I decided to start a more ambitious project. My plan was to change the body shape, bring a mirrored walnut top onto the body and on the headstock, replace the plastic dots in the neck for pearl dots, and customize the pickups.

During the building I changed my plans. Since I had put so much effort in the woodwork, shaping the body, slim up the neck, bring on the walnut top etc, I decided to also give extra attention to the electronics and hardware. All in order to make in instrument which would look good, has excellent playability and a rich sound. I added Schaller tuners, made a bridge myself from a 4mm thick piece of brass and used the saddles from the Wilkinson bridge which came with the kit. After designing the shape I used the included neck-pickup and rewound the coil, replaced the poles and underlined magnets and put in alnico 5 magnets. That took more work then I thought it would and I decided to change my initial idea for the sound. This resulted in a combination of the revised single-coil double pole neck-pickup combined with a single coil single pole bridge-pickup. The bridge pickup is handmade and handwound by Paul Hendrix from Holland for this project.

Furthermore I polished the frets and oiled the fingerboard. Drilled out the plastic dots in the neck and replaced them for mother of pearl dots. I also added an extra dot at the nut position.
The lacquer of body and neck is a 3 layer pu mix of three colours. The walnut is lacquered with 5 layers of transparent pu.

The overall result is beautiful, and the playability and sound is awesome. A friend of mine played the bass guitar and said: this instrument inspires. I am very happy with the result.

Thanks for all the service, and I hope to hear from you. I have attached 14 pictures of the building process. Have to send them in two emails.

Kind regards,
Onno Gatersleben

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  1. Wirklich eine schöne Arbeit!
    Motiviert mich auch mal einen Bass zu bauen.
    Viel Glück beim Contest!
    Gewinner Contest 2014

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