MLP Junior – Erik Koerts

MLP Junior – Erik Koerts

My German is not so great in wirting so I’ll write this in English.

I bought a LP jr gitar kit a few weeks back. I was surprised how good it looked. It is a full mahogany body and neck. The frets where ok. No sharp edges.
I decided to make a fabric top on this guitar. I had a nice piece of fabric with skulls and roses. I had seen a couple of video’s on YouTube of Texas Toast Guitars. I think it looks amazing on some guitars. I always liked the old Fender Pink Paisley guitars. So i gave it a shot.

I sanded the body with 400 grid paper so the surface was smooth. Placed the fabric and glued it with epoxy. I let the epoxy really soak in the fabric. Left it 24 hours to dry. Carefully sanded it with 600 grid to flatten. Than I put another layer of epoxy on the body. Left it to dry for another 24 hours. Now the fun begins. The layer epoxy is aprox. 0.3 to 0.4 mm thick. I’ve sanded it with 600, 800, 1000 and 2000 grid. And finally 3200 and 8000 grid to get a nice shiny top. Now it is time to do the back. I filled the grain with a grainfiller. Sanded it with 400 grid. Sprayed the primer. I spraypainted the back black with a small fade on the top. I finally sprayed a 2k clearcoat. And finally buffed and polished the guitar.

Before I spraypainted the guitar I noticed the neck pocket was to deep. The neck made a perfect fit but it was aprox 3 mm too deep. So I made a neckshim to raise the neck.
I made a shim of a piece of mahogany. Glued it in the pocket. For future buyers this is something to check before assembling.

I didn’t use the tuners and the wiring kit. I bought a set of Schaller Deluxe tuners and a CTS volume 500 k pot. I didn’t install a tone pot. I did install the P90 pick up. At frist I wanted another one. But I thouoght I’d give it a try. And to be honest it sounds pretty nice. I replace it in time for a alnico 5 but for now it will do. The bridge is fine too. Nothing wrong with that.

I did spent a few hours on the frets. Although the edges were ok but the fret heights and the crowning was really terrible. But that was something I expecfed.

Overall I had great fun and I made a unique guitar.

The pro’s and cons in a shortcut
+ great kit value for the money
+ pick up sounds surprisingly good
+ it makes you develop your luthier skills
– the neckpocket was 2-3 mm too deep
– you need to know how to do a fretjob
– besides the pick up, the wiring kit is poor

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