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Starbond Super Glue, Schwarz medium

Starbond Super Glue, Schwarz medium
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  • Starbond Super Glue 
  • Inhalt: 57g
  • Farbe: Schwarz
  • Viskosität: Medium

black medium cyanoacrylic super glue, 2oz (57g)
Starbond  Black Medium CA glue is a rubber-toughened, medium super glue that dries jet black in color. The black super glue is ideal for hiding imperfections, filling dark voids, and accenting specific areas in your projects. Starbond Black Medium CA glue can also penetrate narrow slots, bond closely-fitted parts, quickly repair material, and be sanded down and polished to a high gloss finish. Starbond  Black Medium CA glue is commonly used in the hobby for RC car tires, woodturning for inlays and spalted wood.

It is important to keep in mind that the colored CAs have an extended bonding time due to the added rubber compound. Although bonding time is generally 30-60 seconds, it can take much longer to dry when larger volumes of the adhesive is applied. For these instances, use of Starbond Accelerator is highly recommended.

Used In:
- Accenting designs on spalted wood
- Blending into similarly colored surfaces
- Speaker manufacturing, bonding top plate to the frame
- Gluing and repairing guitar inlays on the headstock, body, and fretboard
- Repairing and filling cracks, inclusions, voids, and knots in the wood

Compatible With:
- Wood
- Metal
- Rubber
- Leather
- Ceramics
- Gemstones
- Rocks & Minerals
- Carbon Fiber
- Fiberglass
- Most Plastics

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