Trailer Park Sex from Hamburg Germany


Trailer Park Sex / TPS formed mid 2009 in St. Pauli, Germany. Early in 2010 they recorded the „Now Or Fucking Never“ EP. With its own blend of Metal, Hardcore, Alternative, Progressive and Jazz elements. The record has been very well received by critics and audiences alike, not only in Germany, but places as remote as Argentina, Australia, or China. In 2011, the “Got No Candy” video was shot and it aired on German national TV. Since then, several songs have been released with magazines and through online portals. The band seized the rest of that year gigging in and outside Germany. In 2012 they shot the video for „Fucking Nazis in beautiful Budapest“, thus going a step further in their fight against fascism. During the summer festivals of 2012 they proved to know how to handle big stages with relentless shows. Now they are ready to present their second release: STRUGGLE and tour America, north and south! Are you ready?

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T.P.S. (trailerparksex) – Requiem For The Bloodless Single – Official Video

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