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I found out later that ML-Factory organizes this contest so I don’t have many photos to show the first steps of the process (sorry for that!).

I bought the “MLP Flamed Maple Top Hals geschraubt” guitar kit in the ML-Factory website. I wanted to carve a veal chop in the body and a bacon slice on the headstock. It’s a different and fun proposal of the typical Les Paul.

I first carved the body using gouges and chisels, giving it the chop shape, the veined meat texture and the bone.

Then I shaped the bacon headstock in the same way and with an awl punch I textured to give it a different touch.

Once I got the desired shape, I proceeded to the paintwork. I gave a primer coat to the body and the headstock, so the paint could better adhere to the surface. Once the primer dried, I painted with acrylics both the body and the headstock taking as reference the attached photos of the meat chop and bacon.

When I got the different meat colors and shades I proceeded to give it several layers of bicomponent acrylic lacquer.

Once the four or five coats dried, I proceeded to polish.

For polishing, I sanded the surface with a 1200 sandpaper and then with a 2000 sandpaper. I cleaned the powder and then I gave it about six to eight coats of red coarse-grained wax. Once polished I applied some coats of protective car wax.

Once the polishing was finished, with the pegs already in the headstock, I placed the neck in the body. Then I placed the pots, I soldered the cables from the pickups, the switch and the jack socket and put the earth wire into the hole for the bridge.

The kit came with chromed components (bridge, tuners…) but they didn’t match with the reddish colors of the guitar so I bought, in the ML-Factory website too, another black color bridge and tailpiece, black tuners and a black nut too and they were just perfect. I also painted the screws and the plate behind the body in black using a paint for metals. I changed the strings because I wanted black strings too. I used DR Strings Black Beauties.

So there was only one thing left: calibrate, tune and play!

Bon appetit!

Ander Aguirre

Please confirm if all is ok.

Thanks and best regards!

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