LP Junior – Ari Kuusela

Ari Kuusela - LP Junior (1) Ari Kuusela - LP Junior (2)


We talked about this guitar in facebook and here is some photos for you. I wanted it to have this aged look, like it would be built in 50’s – 60’s. I didn’t want it to look distressed though. Little bit like this rare old guitar: http://guitarphotographer.com/gibson%20les%20paul/1960%20les%20paul%20junior%20cherry%20front.jpg

I made this guitar from your LP junior kit. Really good hardware, woods and pickup 😉 Keep on with the good job!

Videos about this particular guitar:


Clip from a Live show. I played the whole gig with this guitar:

Ari Kuusela /  Blackcurrent (Vocals/Guitar) https://www.facebook.com/blackcurrentmusic/

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